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UREI 530 control board set

530 control boards
530 control board
530 control board


If you have ever used a UREI 530 you know that the stock sliders leave a bit to be desired. Just about every unit out there still in operation has issues with poor quality, sticky, dirty, or likely frozen slide potentioneters. Our 530 control board is designed to replace the stock slide potentiometers on the UREI 530 graphic equalizer with high quality Bourns slide potentiometers. The Bourns sliders are readily available from many distribuitors. FINALLY get a decent feeling set of sliders on your UREI 530!

The 530 control board features include:

  • -Fits Bourns PTA series slide potentiometers (652-PTA4432015DPB202 or 652-PTA4432215DPB202)
  • -Mounts closer to the face plate for less stress on the slide pots
  • -Two pcb's are needed for one 530
  • -Available as a kit or PCB's only
  • -Full kit includes Center detent slide potentiometers, all hardware, wire and two PCB's
  • -Will NOT fit 532 models.